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dao and dependency injection advice

dao and dependency injection advice  using -'java,design-patterns,mongodb,dao,morphia'

This is the first time im using the DAO pattern. From what I've read so far, implementing this pattern will help me seperate my calling code (controller) from any persistence implementation - exactly what I want; that is, I don't want to be restrcited to the use of any particular database or 3rd party libraries.

I'm creating some test code (in TDD fashion) using MongoDB and morphia (as an example), with morphia's provided BasicDAO class.

As far as I can tell, extending BasicDAO<T, V> requires a constructor that accepts Morphia and Mongo objects; these are very specific (3rd party) types that I don't really want floating around outside of the DAO class itself.

How can I have more of a pluggable architecture? By this I mean, what should I look into re being able to configure my application to use a specific DAO with specific configuration arguments, external to the actual source?

asked Sep 26, 2015 by ajit.chavhan
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