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storing large xml in mongodb

storing large xml in mongodb  using -'xml,mongodb'

I have a pretty huge xml (>10mb in size & 40+ elements). Currently we store such xml in Oracle db and use xquery to query and retrieve parts of the xml. This process is slow and takes many db calls. We are exploring mongodb to store this xml and query it.
I justed converted the xml to json and loaded into a mongo collection and it stored the huge json data in a flash. And it stores the xml nodes as nested docs. But when I query (using find) for a inner most element, it always returns the whole doc, containing nodes with non-matching element values also. I expect only few nodes that matches the given node value.
Let me know if there is any best way to store such large xml files in mongo db. And also let me know how to retrieve the inner nodes having exact values specified in the query. Thanks in advance.

asked Sep 28, 2015 by sachin wagh
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