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learning c asp net 3 5 what order should i learn in what to skip

learning c asp net 3 5 what order should i learn in what to skip  using -'c#,.net,'

There's a lot to C# & Where should I start? What should I not bother focusing on?

Should I learn Winforms then WPF? Ditto for webforms / Silverlight?
Should I learn ASP.MVC or classic ASP.NET? If both, which first?

In the either/or cases - which will make more sense having known the other first?

What major .NET feature(s) should I learn upfront that will open the doors of understanding to what lies ahead?

I am deliberately not mentioning fundamentals like value / reference Types, Classes, object-oriented concepts, etc since they should come first, before specifics. Here, I am interested in specifics.

[edit - added detail of what my goals are]
Good points raised - "what do I want to write"?

Basically, an intranet application that monitors a set of documents and implements a workflow as a change control process. The app will also audit the documents and report problems, self-correcting common errors. A lot of the parameters will need to be end-user definable and pluggable. The document format needs to be adaptable to different proprietary formats although they are fundamentally the same. The app will be very modular.

I'm leaning towards a web interface because the client specs & admin rights will vary - a browser is really the only thing I can count on.

As you can see, it's a bit of everything.

asked Sep 29, 2015 by sameer rathore
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