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android rest client sample

android rest client sample  using -'java,android,api,rest'

Even if this thread has accepted answer, feel free to propose other ideas, you do use or like

I've met these articles:

Restful API service
Java REST client API for Android

And that lead me to this Google I/O 2010 video about REST client applications

Since now, I've been creating REST component as static component in my Application controller class.   

From now, I think, I should change the pattern. Somebody pointed out that Google IOSched application is great sample of how to write REST clients on Android. Somebody else told that this ways is too overcomplicated.  

So, can anybody please show us what is the best practice? In short and simple way.
The IOSched application is too complex for sample use-case.

asked Sep 29, 2015 by akhilesh
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