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url to load resources from the classpath in java

url to load resources from the classpath in java  using -'java,url,classloader'

In Java, you can load all kinds of resources using the same API but with different URL protocols:


This nicely decouples the actual loading of the resource from the application that needs the resource, and since a URL is just a String, resource loading is also very easily configurable.

Is there a protocol to load resources using the current classloader?
This is similar to the Jar protocol, except that I do not need to know which jar file or class folder the resource is coming from.

I can do that using Class.getResourceAsStream("a.xml"), of course, but that would require me to use a different API, and hence changes to existing code. I want to be able to use this in all places where I can specify a URL for the resource already, by just updating a property file.

asked Sep 29, 2015 by yogeshplv
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