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return a php page as an image

return a php page as an image  using -'php,image-processing,http-headers,mime-types'

I am trying to read a image file (.jpeg to be exact), and 'echo' it back to the page output, but have is display an image...

my index.php has an image link like this:

<img src='test.php?image=1234.jpeg' />

and my php script does basically this:

1) read 1234.jpeg
2) echo file contents...
3) I have a feeling I need to return the output back with a mime-type, but this is where I get lost

Once I figure this out, I will be removing the file name input all together and replace it with an image id.

If I am unclear, or you need more information, please reply.

asked Sep 30, 2015 by vijayshukla80
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