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ios android cross platform development

ios android cross platform development  using -'android,ios,cross-platform'

I've been playing around with developing Android apps in Java for a while and am starting to get a handle on it.  However if I want to on start on an iOS version I need to code everything from scratch - which is, well, undesirable.

I was wondering on what cross platform solutions there are available and how well they work in practice.  I've been thinking about web applications - perhaps using jQuery Mobile or Titanium, or Adobe Flash/Flex/Air.  I also don't yet have a Mac, which I'll probably have to invest in.

So my Questions :

What cross-platform development environments exist for iOS / Android (and/or other devices)?
What has your experience been with these tools? (this is what I'm really keen to know)


asked Sep 30, 2015 by android_master
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