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controlling the value of this in a jquery event

controlling the value of this in a jquery event  using -'jquery,scope,this'

I have created a 'control' using jQuery and used jQuery.extend to assist in making it as OO as possible.

During the initialisation of my control I wire up various click events like so

jQuery('#available input',
            this.controlDiv).bind('click', this, this.availableCategoryClick);

Notice that I am pasing 'this' as the data argument in the bind method. I do this so that I can get at data attached to the control instance rather from the element that fires the click event.

This works perfectly, however i suspect there is a better way

Having used Prototype in the past, I remember a bind syntax that allowed you to control what the value of 'this' was in the event.

What is the jQuery way?

asked Oct 7, 2015 by devkumargupta
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