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when to use comparable and comparator

when to use comparable and comparator  using -'java,comparator,comparable'

I have a list of objects I need to sort on a field, say Score. Without giving much thought I wrote a new class that implements Comparator, that does the task and it works.

Now looking back at this, I am wondering if I should have instead have the my class implement Comparable instead of creating a new class that implements Comparator. The score is the only field that the objects will be ordered on.

What I have done acceptable as a practice?
Is the right approach "First have the class implement Comparable (for the natural ordering) and if an alternative field comparison is required, then create a new class that implements Comparator" ?
If (2) above is true, then does it mean that one should implement Comparator only after they have the class implement Comparable? (Assuming I own the original class).


asked Oct 7, 2015 by ajit.chavhan
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