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using magento apis for ecommerce website

using magento apis for ecommerce website  using -'magento,e-commerce'

I am a beginner in magento and am working on creating a website using magento. I have noticed that magento has a good number of apis that expose all of the functionality that I would need to create an ecommerce website. So, I would like to use magento's apis to fetch data, but develop the UI separately without any dependencies on magento. I have found a lot of references that develop the website via magento theming, but not those where the UI is developed in a separate MVC and uses magento purely as service layer. Are there any problems/issues in my approach?

Edit: I have gained a lot of clarity on db performance issue in apis and how external caching can alleviate the issue, but I still don't understand the underwhelming use of magento as a service layer (i.e. fueling the website by using magento's apis), are they any other gotchas?

asked Oct 11, 2015 by sandeep bhadauria
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