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magento paypal tax rounding issue

magento paypal tax rounding issue  using -'magento,paypal,rounding'

I have some rounding issues with Paypal and Magento - All prices on the site include tax and the tax is worked out at 20% (VAT).

I will go to checkout and everything is correct:

I will then click on place order, and Paypal will be like this, which is incorrect because the grand total is now 1p less. This appears to be cause by how the tax is rounded.

In some cases, it works ok, but in others the tax is rounded incorrectly. I have tried making changes to the tax calculation method calcTaxAmount() in app/code/core/Mage/Tax/Model/Calculation.php

I added this to the calcTaxAmount method which seemed to fix it, but it cause the prices on the product page to then be incorrect (1p less).

$amount = $this->roundUp($amount);

I'm pretty certain this is a bug, but I'm out of ideas. If anyone has come across this before and has a solution I'd be happy to hear it. Any help much appreciated.

EDIT: Here are my tax settings in Magento


asked Oct 11, 2015 by badhwar.rohit
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