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hadoop copyfromlocal problem wit copying directory

hadoop copyfromlocal problem wit copying directory  using -'hadoop'

I'd like to copy whole local directory with some subdirectories and files to HDFS. HDFS already contains the root directory and some subdirectories with files. I just want to add newer files from local directory.

Local directory /www/hitlogfetcher/logs/:

HDFS /hitlogfetcher-test/:

When I used command:
    hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal /www/hitlogfetcher/logs/* /hitlogfetcher-test/
I received error message:

Target /hitlogfetcher-test/day=20 is a directory

day=20 is a directory that contains some subdirectories and files

So I would like to copy files from directory hour=01 and then cpy directory hour=02 and its files.

Is it possible by using hadoop shell commands or another way?

Thanks, Michal

asked Oct 11, 2015 by tseetha
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