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transforming synchronizing data between sql to hbase

transforming synchronizing data between sql to hbase  using -'sql-server,hadoop,relational-database,key-value-store,structured-data'

We are overhauling our product by completely moving from Microsoft and .NET family to open source (well one of the reasons is cost cutting and exponential increase in data).

We plan to move our data model completely from SQL Server (relational data) to Hadoop (the famous key-Value pair ecosystem).

In the beginning, we want to support both versions (say 1.0 and new v2.0). In order to maintain the data consistency, we plan to sync the data between both systems, which is a fairly challenging task and error prone, but we don't have any other option.

A bit confused where to start from, I am looking up to the community of experts.
Any strategy/existing literature or any other kind of guidance in this direction would be greatly helpful.

asked Oct 11, 2015 by amit_cmps
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