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hadoopdb java program

hadoopdb java program  using -'hadoop'

first of all thanks for showing interest.

I'm Adarsh Sharma presently working on Hadoop Technologies such as Hive, Hadoop, HadoopDB , Hbase etc.
I have configured HadoopDB on the Hadoop Cluster of 3 nodes with Postgres as the database layer.

I load a table website_master containing 3 columns in hadoopDB in chunked form.
I see the results from Hive by quering.

But now I want to write a program that fetches data of website_master from hadoopDb which is postgres tables in different databases.

Can U Explain What should I do . I read the HadoopDb Quick Start Guide but it doesn't help me.

asked Oct 11, 2015 by sujata naik
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