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php framework or not cake php

php framework or not cake php  using -'php,mysql,wordpress,cakephp,pdo'

At university, my final year project was an MVC based c# web application.

My PHP is not strong, and I am looking to improving my programming skills in PHP and am looking to build a web application using PHP mysql.

Now why did I mention ASP.NET MVC??? Well because I quite liked the development environment, OOP nature of the programming and ability to program 'properly'. I also liked the MVC method of programming.

Now my question is.. For a relatively complex web application, Should I use a framework such as Cake PHP?

My specific web application will be performing the following actions: Quotation engine, XML, RSS Feeds, User Accounts, Shopping Baskets, Store quote for later, review previous transactions, online store management etc...

The site I am looking to build could receive up to 4000 hits per day and will be integrated within a wordpress plugin.

What are the advantages of using a framework as opposed to just hardcoding? Isn't learning a framework like learning a new programming language?

asked Oct 11, 2015 by mca.agarwal
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