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merging index with solr 1 4

merging index with solr 1 4  using -'merge,solr'

I'm working with Solr 1.4, and I want to test mergeindexes.

Imagine these following Cores (A and B) :

In the core "A", there are document that have the same id than in core B.

I want to merge these two core into a core C. The goal is to get a core C which contains merged documents (based on id).

For example, I want to get the following document into the core C :

id : 1
title : rambo
tag : super

If I call the mergeindexes method, I get the following core C :


Do you know if it's possible to get merged documents ?

Thanks for your help,


asked Oct 11, 2015 by girisha
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You could do this client-side using SolrJ or whatever client platform you prefer.


while documents in core B:
  let docsB = docb1, docb2, ..., docb10 = fetch 10 documents from core B
  let docsA = fetch documents from core A where id:docb1 OR id:docb2 OR ... id:docb10
  for db,da in zip(docsB, docsA):
    let docC = merge(db,da)
    add docC to Solr core C
answered Oct 11, 2015 by vimaldas2005