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Question:Android round a Layouts background image, only top or bottom corners

I want to be able to have a screen with multiple RelativeLayouts, and I want the top layout and the bottom layout to have rounded corners, so top layout would have top 2 corners rounded, and bottom layout would have bottom 2 corners rounded.

My issue is, all the examples I find online are using shape.xml to create a rounded corner and gave it a gradient and that is not good enough, because I want to to give the relativeLayout a background image, and have that image rounded, and I can't seem to do both.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

EDIT - Bounty Started

Okay, I have been banging my head against the wall for ages on this one. I am using a 3rd party tool called UITableView at the moment, mainly just testing something out.

asked Sep 13, 2013 in Core java by rajesh
edited Sep 12, 2013
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answered Sep 13, 2013 by rajesh
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