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javascript and php functions

javascript and php functions  using -'php,javascript,function'

Is it possible to call a function from PHP using onsubmit from JavaScript? If so could someone give me an example of how it would be done?

function addOrder(){
    $con = mysql_connect("localhost", "146687", "password");
        die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error())

    $sql = "INSERT INTO orders ((user, 1st row, 2nd row, 3rd row, 4th row)
    VALUES ($session->username,1st variable, 2nd variable, 3rd variable, 4th variable))";

        echo "Your order has been added";
        echo "There was an error adding your order to the databse: " . mysql_error();

That's the function I am wanting to call. Its an ordering system, you type in how much of each item you want, hit submit and it should add the order to the table.

asked Oct 11, 2015 by thiru
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And then have a PHP file named add_order.php with something like:

$success = 0;
$con = mysql_connect("localhost", "146687", "password");
if(!$con) {
    $message = 'Could not connect to the database.';
} else {
    $query_ok = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `orders` ....");
    if($query_ok) {
        $success = 1;
        $message = "Order added.";
    } else {
        $message = "Unable to save information";

print json_encode(array('success' => $success, 'message' => $message));

For this beauty to work you will have to go to the jQuery website, download it, and include the jquery.js file.

I haven't tested the above but it should work. Good luck.

answered Oct 11, 2015 by pradip.bhoge
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The closest you are going to get will be xajax which will let you wrap a PHP function into an AJAX call. I've used it quite a bit before I started working with Zend Framework and found it too hard to implement in an OO way.

With xajax you write a PHP function that does all of your regular logic and then returns a ObjectResponse object that manipulates the browser through AJAX (alert boxes, change HTML, CSS, etc). You register your function with xajax and then xajax will spit out some javascript into your HTML's section.

In your HTML you just call that javascript function that xajax generated and it takes care of the rest through AJAX.

answered Oct 11, 2015 by amit_cmps
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Yes, another great and easy tutorial for learning ajax is:

Prototype is another thing I recommend if you havent gone to far with your project and need to revert a lot of functionality.

Good luck!

answered Oct 11, 2015 by dhananjayksharma
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Sorry, your question is too basic. Depending on what PHP function you want to call on formsubmit Ajax will not help you. Are you aware of the fundamental (clientside/serverside) differences between PHP and JavaScript?

answered Oct 11, 2015 by dahiyabecomp