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protractor test opening browser in root folder of xampp

protractor test opening browser in root folder of xampp  using -'angularjs,testing,npm,protractor'

So I'm trying to run and end-to-end test as described on the Angular site:

Now when I run npm run protractor in git bash, everything runs fine except when the browser opens to run the test, it opens in the root folder of XAMPP and not in the folder I currently testing in.

How to make this end-to-end test work?

This is how I run the test:

This is what my git looks like after I run the command:

And this is what the browser opens:

As you can see, the browser location indicates it is testing from the root but I think it should be loading from the folder I am currently in (see Git bash).

What am I doing wrong?

asked Oct 13, 2015 by deven.bendale
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