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how can i get a working vertical seekbar in android

how can i get a working vertical seekbar in android  using -'android,seekbar'

I've implemented the commonly-pointed-to VerticalSeekBar post here. As it is, the SeekBar operates a little quirky. Here is my slightly adapted onTouchEvent() from that example:

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event)
            xPos = event.getX();
            yPos = event.getY();
            oOffset = this.getThumbOffset();
            oProgress = this.getProgress();

            //Code from example - Not working
            //this.setThumbOffset( progress * (this.getBottom()-this.getTop()) );

            return true;

I've managed to implement one VerticalSeekBar in which the progress updates as expected and is fully-functional, but the thumb does not follow suit. This is only a graphical glitch, so I'm overlooking it for now. But, it would be nice to have that working. This SeekBar has max = 20.

However, I tried implementing another VerticalSeekBar with max = 1000. Obviously, it uses the same code, so you'd assume the same behavior. I'm only able to achieve a progress of 0~35, even as my finger slides beyond the SeekBar and eventually off the screen. If I just tap near the end of the progress bar (which should be progress ~ 900) it returns a progress of about 35 and the yellow progress bar reflects that value by staying near the top.

My question is: Does anyone have a link to a working vertical SeekBar, or know how to adapt this particular example?

asked Oct 13, 2015 by devkumargupta
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