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Question:how to iBATIS Installation on machine?


Here are the simple steps you would need to carry out to install iBATIS on your Linux machine:
Download latest version of iBATIS from
Unzip the downloaded file to extract .jar file from the bundle and keep it in appropriate lib directory.
Set PATH and CLASSPATH variables at the extracted .jar file(s) appropriately.
Here are the steps I carried out on my linux machine after downloading iBATIS binary file:
$ unzip
   creating: doc/
   creating: lib/
   creating: simple_example/
   creating: simple_example/com/
   creating: simple_example/com/mydomain/
   creating: simple_example/com/mydomain/data/
   creating: simple_example/com/mydomain/domain/
   creating: src/
  inflating: doc/
  inflating: doc/
  inflating: jar-dependencies.txt
  inflating: lib/ibatis-
  inflating: license.txt
  inflating: notice.txt
  inflating: release.txt
$set PATH=$PATH:/var/home/ibatis/
$set CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/var/home/ibatis\

asked Sep 13, 2013 in iBATIS by ashish singh
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