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fire jquery event on div change

fire jquery event on div change  using -'javascript,jquery,javascript-events,widget'

I have a div whose content may change in various ways: for instance its whole content may be reloaded via innerHTML, or nodes may be added via DOM methods. This in turn may happen via native javascript or indirectly via calls the jQuery API or via other libraries.

I want to execute some code when the content of the div changes, but I have absolutely no control on how it will change. Indeed I am designing a widget that may be used by other people, who are free to change the content of their divs the way they prefer. When the inner content of this div changes, the shape of the widget may have to be updated as well.

I'm using jQuery. Is there a way to capture the event that the content of this div has changed, however it happened?

asked Oct 13, 2015 by balvant maurya
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