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java equivalent to phps preg replace callback

java equivalent to phps preg replace callback  using -'java,php,regex,preg-replace'

I'm in the process of moving an application from PHP to Java and there is heavy use of regular expressions in the code.  I've run across something in PHP that doesn't seem to have a java equivalent:


For every match in the regex, it calls a function that is passed the match text as a parameter.  As an example usage:

$articleText = preg_replace_callback("/\[thumb(\d+)\]/",'thumbReplace', $articleText);
# ...
function thumbReplace($matches) {
   global $photos;
   return "<img src=\"thumbs/" . $photos[$matches[1]] . "\">";

What would be the ideal way to do this in Java?

asked Oct 19, 2015 by maurya
0 votes

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