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magento and google sitemap cron

magento and google sitemap cron  using -'magento,cron,sitemap,google-sitemap'

I'm a newbie in Magento.
I'm tring to configure an auto-generated Google Site Map. I've read everywhere how to set up cron job for Magento with cPanel, how to configure from backend and so on.

My current settings: under System -> Configuration -> Google Sitemap -> Generation Settings -> Enabled = YES. I've create the sitemap on Catalog -> Google Sitemap, of course, which I can manually generate without any problem.

But if I check the file /app/code/core/Mage/Sitemap/etc/config.xml it seems to be not updated (different content btw config.xml and backend). It seems also that the last update on filesystem is perormed on 20/04/2012, instead of today. (I've also run the Fluch Magento and Storage Cache)


Can someone help me out?

asked Oct 19, 2015 by sumit_jaiswalmca
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