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how to do facebook login integration in magento website

how to do facebook login integration in magento website  using -'php,facebook,magento'

asked Oct 19, 2015 by manju bhargava
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Try using the Inchoo facebook connect. it works like a charm and its free.


STEP1: goto

Step2: Download the extension. (It is compatible with CE 1.6.2... have tested it and im using it. You can also check up other usage instructions on that page also)

Step3: Setup Application on Facebook and obtain its App ID/API Key and Application Secret.

Step4: Open downloaded module and copy its contents in app folder

Step5: Also copy the template and layout folders under app/design/frontend/default/default/ to app/design/frontend/yourinterface/yourtheme/ folder

Step6: Open Magento backend goto Configuration->Customer->Facebook Connect, fill in the ids etc, set Enabled to Yes

Step7: Refresh Cache / Reindex All

Step8: Add rel="facebook-connect" anywhere within a button tag or a tag. This can be put anywhere in CMS, static block or templates, and it should open up a popup for Facebook login.

Hope this helps...

answered Oct 19, 2015 by devkumargupta