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mysql permission errors with load data

mysql permission errors with load data  using -'mysql,load-data-infile,mysql-error-1045'

I am running into a permission error when trying to load data from a flat file database dump into a new table. I know that the schema of the file and my table is the same and I tried tweaking the permissions. What else should I try?

mysql> load data infile 'myfile.txt' into table mytable fields terminated by ',' enclosed by '"';
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'user'@'%'

grant all on mytable.* to 'user'@'%


asked Oct 19, 2015 by mtabakade
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2 Answers

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Here's a thread on the MySQL forums that discusses exactly this.

Here's the answer, posted by Ken Tassell

Problem resolved using the command below:

grant file on *.* to kentest@localhost identified by 'kentest1';
answered Oct 19, 2015 by mannar kande
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You might have MySQL privileges on the destination table, but you also need the FILE privilege to execute LOAD DATA, and of course the MySQL Server process needs operating-system privileges to the data file too.

answered Oct 19, 2015 by bhavin