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change magento product status in different store views

change magento product status in different store views  using -'magento,store,products'

I have a Magento Multi-Store installation.

I have a product that must be enabled in shopA and disabled in shopB

If i select the tab "Websites" there is an alert
"Items that you don't want to show in the catalog or search results should have status 'Disabled' in the desired store." so probably it is possible?

The default value status of the product is "enabled"

Then i select the store view of shopB and disabled the product status.
Now the status of the product in shopA is also disabled.

Is it possible to set the product status in shopA to enabled en in shopB to disabled?

The manual said:
"The Product Status has a Website scope, meaning that you can hide or show a product per Website, affecting all store views for that Website. "


The question is: Is it possible to change the product status per store view without affecting other store views

asked Oct 23, 2015 by sameer rathore
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Since you are saying that your store is only a multi-store, so I don't think you will see a "Websites" tab, in that product's details page. So, you have only one way to make this product enabled in "Shop A" & disabled in "Shop B".

In the product's details page, Magento loads the "General" tab, in which you will see the "Status" field. Now, in the left side, above the "General" tab, you will find a dropdown field for "Choose Store View:". If you click on the dropdown, you will see a list of all your store views available under each Website & Store.

Now select the "Shop B" in that dropdown. Magento will ask you that it will erase any unsaved data from the current view in Admin, if you have changed any data, without saving it. Without worrying on this part, click the "OK" button of that dialog box, & Magento will then load the "Shop B" store view of that same product.

Here beside the "Status" field, you will find a checkbox. Make sure that it's not checked. Now change the value of the "Status" dropdown to "Disabled" & save the changes.

Now go to the front-end of your "Shop B" store view & you shouldn't be able to see this product again. But it will also be active in the "Shop A" store view.

Hope it helps.

answered Oct 23, 2015 by amit.gupta