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devise api authentication

devise api authentication  using -'ruby-on-rails,ruby,json,api,devise'

I am working on a rails web application that also provides JSON based API for mobile devices . mobile clients are expected to first obtain a token with (email/pass), then clients will make subsequential API calls with the token.

I am pretty new to Devise, and I am looking for a Devise API look like "authenticate(email, pass) and expect it to return true/false, then based on that I will either create and hand back the token or return a decline message. but seems Devise doesn't provide something like this.

I am aware that Devise 1.3 provides JSON based auth, but that's a bit different from what I need - I need to generate token and handle back to client, then after that auth is done using the token instead.

Can someone please give some pointers?

asked Oct 23, 2015 by abhi
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