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I am not that experienced with large databases and am trying to figure out an optimal design for records that might have 20-25 permutations or variations each. Below is my tentative design:
 title_id (primary key)
 release_id (primary)
 title_id (foreign key)
 region_id (each title can have several regions specified by a [regions] table)
 format_id (each title can have several formats specified by a [formats] table)
 date (can be the same or different among permutations)
 time (can be the same or different among perumations)
For a given title record, say with an id value of 1, I might have to create records like so
title 1 in region 1 and format 1
title 1 in region 1 and format 2
title 1 in region 2 and format 1
[and so on]
I am using PHPMyAdmin to enter the records mainly because each record can be different from the next in terms of how many and which variations (region/format combinations) exist. What I want to know is there an easier way (through procedures or design) than inserting each record variations separately?

asked Sep 13, 2013 in Java Interview Questions by rajesh
recategorized Sep 12, 2013 by rajesh
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