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I can't figure how to create a jira issue and define its component with SOAPpy:

client = so.WSDL.Proxy(cfg_wsld)
auth_token = client.login(cfg_username, cfg_password)
issue_params = dict()
issue_params['project'] = project
issue_params['type'] = issue_type
issue_params['summary'] = summary
issue_params['description'] = summary
newissue = client.createIssue(auth_token, issue_params)

This sample works fine but I try to add components to it Jira will return missmatchTypeException.

I've tried all kinds of variants: passing arrays, strings, ints into it but it won't pick any of them up.

Most attempts (passing string, int, array of both) will cause TypeMissmatch, this causes NullPointerException inside Jira:

issue_params['components'] = {u'??????': {'id': '11143', 'name': u'??????'}}

I know the exact id of the issue type I want to use but how do I pass it properly? When I retrieve an issue with this type components returns as SOAPpy.Types.typedArrayType() but this still fails:

issue_params['components'] = so.Types.typedArrayType(data={'id': '11143', 'name': u'??????'})
newissue = client.createIssue(auth_token, issue_params)

(, , None)

asked Sep 13, 2013 in Java Interview Questions by anonymous
edited Sep 12, 2013
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