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To cut the long story short:

Is it possible to load a .vrml into Silverlight and render the 3d scene?

Now some more background information why I want to do this. I'd like to implement the following setup:

  1. Do some long-running calculations on the server
  2. Render some 3d-scene with mayavi
  3. export it as a .vrml file.
  4. Transfer it to a Silverlight-Client
  5. Render the 3d-scene within Silverlight
  6. Let the user interact with this scene, i.e., zoom, pan, rotate, ...

I expected it to be easy as recent versions of Silverlight come with XNA, but my research, both on Google and SO didn't give me any useful hints. It would be great if anybody could point me into the right direction, any links to tutorials, libraries or code snippets would be greatly appreciated.

As alternative file formats I could also produce, according to the mayavi-documentation

  • rib (renderman)
  • oogl (geomview)
  • iv (OpenInventor)
  • obj (wavefront)

asked Sep 13, 2013 in JAVASCRIPT by rajesh
edited Sep 12, 2013
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