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how to do Boosting fields at query time in Standard Request Handler from Solrconfig.xml

I am developing a search engine app using Asp.Net, C# and Solrnet. I use the standard request handler. Is there a way I can boost the fields at query time from inside the solrconfig.xml file itself. Just like the "qf" field for Dismax handler.
Right now am searching like "field1:value^1.5 field2:value^1.2 field3:value^0.8" and this is done in the middle tier. I want Solr itself to do this using standard request handler. Can I write a similar kind of thing inside standard req handler?

Here is my solrconfig file.

     file_description^100.0 file_content^6.0 file_name^10.0 file_comments^4.0




asked Sep 20, 2013 in SOLR by rajesh
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