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How to Publish Web with msbuild?

Visual Studio 2010 has a Publish command that allows you to publish your Web Application Project to a file system location. I'd like to do this on my TeamCity build server, so I need to do it with the solution runner or msbuild. I tried using the Publish target, but I think that might be for ClickOnce:

msbuild Project.csproj /t:Publish /p:Configuration=Deploy

I basically want to do exactly what a web deployment project does, but without the add-in. I need it to compile the WAP, remove any files unnecessary for execution, perform any web.config transformations, and copy the output to a specified location.

My Solution, based on Jeff Siver's answer

             ContinueOnError="false" />
     Command=""$(ProjectPath)\obj\$(Configuration)\Package\$(ProjectName).deploy.cmd" /y /m:$(DeployServer) -enableRule:DoNotDeleteRule" 
          ContinueOnError="false" />

asked May 7, 2015 in Asp.Net by rajesh
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