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Gzip compression through .htaccess not working

I have been creating a site and checking it's speed through I used the following .htaccess file to compress the .js, .css and many more files.

  mod_gzip_on Yes
  mod_gzip_dechunk Yes
  mod_gzip_item_include file \.(html?|txt|css|js|php|pl)$
  mod_gzip_item_include handler ^cgi-script$
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^text/.*
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^application/x-javascript.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^image/.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^Content-Encoding:.*gzip.*

ErrorDocument 401 /401.php
ErrorDocument 403 /403.php
ErrorDocument 404 /404.php
ErrorDocument 500 /500.php

Options Indexes
IndexOptions FancyIndexing

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access plus 7 days"
ExpiresByType application/javascript A2592000
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A2592000
ExpiresByType text/javascript A2592000
ExpiresByType text/html A2592000
ExpiresByType text/xml A2592000
ExpiresByType text/css A2592000
ExpiresByType text/plain A2592000
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/bmp A2592000
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash A2592000

  ForceType 'text/html; charset=UTF-8'

  ForceType 'text/css; charset=UTF-8'

  ForceType 'text/javascript; charset=UTF-8'

  Header append Vary Accept-Encoding

But when I run the page test it shows the following -----

Compressing the following resources with gzip could reduce their transfer size by 882B (48% reduction).

Compressing could save 645B (48% reduction).
Compressing could save 237B (51% reduction).
But I have done gzip compression on my .htaccess file. I don't what is getting wrong here, and by the way I'm very new to this coding style. So please let me know if I'm doing any error or not.

asked May 13, 2015 in htaccess by rajesh
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