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Entity Framework Caching Issue

I am new to Entity Framework.

I have get to some values in my database using EF. It returns perfectly, and the values are shown in labels. But When I delete all values in my table (without using EF), the EF query is returning my old values. I know the EF stores the values in cache and returns the cached data for subsequent runs. Is this correct?

So how can I solve the problem when I have deleted all values in my database, but EF returns the old values?


Now i used datamodel.SaveChanges(); .But now it's return same old values.

My sample query is look like below:

SchoolBriefcaseEntities datamodel = new SchoolBriefcaseEntities();
            List compliance=new List();
            IList complianceModel;
            if (HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("SuperAdmin"))
                compliance = datamodel.Compliances.Where(c => c.School.DistrictId == districtId).ToList();

asked May 16, 2015 in Csharpenet by rajesh
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