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Hierarchy of facet fields (not hierarchical facets) in Apache Solr?

I┬┤m trying to setup a search across multiple document types, each with different sets of fields. So the search should always start with only the most general facet field (eg Product category), common to all document types.

- Camera (42)  
- TV & Video (96)  
- MP3 Player (11)  
- Video Game (63)

After selecting "Camera", I need to enable a whole set of new facet fields, exclusive to that document type (eg Brand, Capacity), like the following:

> Camera

- Canon (42)  
- Nikon (96)  
- Sony (11)  
- Samsung (63)

- 1Gb (42)  
- 2Gb (96)  
- 3Gb (11)  
- 4Gb (63)

I know this can be done by managing facet.field query parameters programmatically, but is there any better way to build this systematically? Is there any feature or tip to allow this facet fields dependency inside Solr and its field structures?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: I changed the title from "dependency of facet fields".

asked May 16, 2015 in SOLR by rajesh
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