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How to avoid Java Code in JSP-Files?

I'm new to Java EE and I know that something like the following three lines

<%= x+1 %>
<%= request.getParameter("name") %>
<%! counter++; %>

is an oldschool way of coding and in JSP version 2 there exists a method to avoid Java code in JSP files. Can someone please tell me the alternative JSP 2 lines, and how this technique is called?

asked May 21, 2015 in JSP by rajesh
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The use of scriptlets (those <% %> things) in JSP is indeed highly discouraged since the birth of taglibs (like JSTL) and EL (Expression Language, those ${} things) over a decade ago.

The major disadvantages of scriptlets are:

Reusability: you can't reuse scriptlets.
Replaceability: you can't make scriptlets abstract.
OO-ability: you can't make use of inheritance/composition.
Debuggability: if scriptlet throws an exception halfway, all you get is a blank page.
Testability: scriptlets are not unit-testable.
Maintainability: per saldo more time is needed to maintain mingled/cluttered/duplicated code logic.
answered May 21, 2015 by rajesh