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asked May 22, 2015 in ajax by rajesh
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You should use the proper HTTP verb according to what you require from your web service.

When dealing with a Collection URI like:

GET: List the members of the collection, complete with their member URIs for further navigation. For example, list all the cars for sale.

PUT: Meaning defined as "replace the entire collection with another collection".

POST: Create a new entry in the collection where the ID is assigned automatically by the collection. The ID created is usually included as part of the data returned by this operation.

DELETE: Meaning defined as "delete the entire collection".

When dealing with a Member URI like:

GET: Retrieve a representation of the addressed member of the collection expressed in an appropriate MIME type.

PUT: Update the addressed member of the collection or create it with the specified ID.

POST: Treats the addressed member as a collection in its own right and creates a new subordinate of it.

DELETE: Delete the addressed member of the collection.
answered May 22, 2015 by rajesh