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CodeIgniter project loads blank webpage

I've added AllowOverride All to apache.conf to no avail. My latest strategy has been to put a die() statement in strategic places in the index and included files, trying to find the line on which the code fails. Through this method, I've found in system/core/CodeIgniter.php that a die statement before the line "$CI = new $class();" executes, while one after it (and presumably all ensuing code) doesn't.

asked Jun 2, 2015 in codeinither by rajesh
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I had the same blank page when I started working with CI.

For me, it was just that I forgot to install mySQL on my machine. You don't get errors because in the system files, the database connection is preceded by a "@" so no errors are displayed.

If this is not the problem, check your version of PHP, or try to add a phpinfo() in the index.php file.
answered Jun 2, 2015 by rajesh