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how to Running Solr?

how to Running Solr ?

asked Jun 4, 2015 in SOLR by rajesh
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This section describes how to run Solr with an example schema, how to add documents, and how to run queries. Start the Server If you didn't start Solr after installing it, you can start it by running start.jar from the Solr example directory. $ java -jar start.jar If you are running Windows, you can start the Web server by running start.bat instead. C:\Applications\Solr\example > start.bat That's it! Solr is running. If you need convincing, use a Web browser to see the Admin Console. http://localhost:8983/solr/ The Solr Admin interface. If Solr is not running, your browser will complain that it cannot connect to the server. Check your port number and try again.
answered Jun 4, 2015 by rajesh