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how to $this->uri->segment(3) in codeigniter pagination

what is the use of $this->uri->segment(3) in codeigniter

whan I enter $this->uri->segment(3); it works as expected but when I enter $this->uri->segment(4); it stops working

asked Jun 10, 2015 in codeinither by rajesh
edited Jun 11, 2015 by rajesh
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This provides you to retrieve information from your URI strings

$this->uri->segment(n); // n=1 for controller, n=2 for method, etc

consider this example

it will return

$this->uri->segment(1); // controller
$this->uri->segment(2); // action
$this->uri->segment(3); // 1stsegment
$this->uri->segment(4); // 2ndsegment
answered Jun 10, 2015 by rajesh