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Are the Ports you Configured Open?

Generally, web servers run on port 80 for normal web traffic and use port 443 for traffic encrypted with TLS/SSL. In order for you to reach the site correctly, these ports must be made accessible.

You can test whether your server has its port open by using netcat from your local machine.

You just need to use your server's IP address and tell it what port you wish to check, like this:

sudo nc -z 80
This will check whether port 80 is open on the server at If it is open, the command will return right away. If it is not open, the command will continuously try to form a connection, unsuccessfully. You can stop this process by hitting CTRL-C in the terminal window.

If your web ports is not accessible, you should look at your firewall configuration. You may need to open up port 80 or port 443.

asked Aug 29, 2015 in LINUX by rajesh
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