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ctrlspace edit completeword not working with visual studio 2015 using -'c#,,autocomplete,visual-studio-2015,intellisense'

ctrlspace edit completeword not working with visual studio 2015  using -'c#,,autocomplete,visual-studio-2015,intellisense'

Since I installed VS2015 Professional, VS's IntelliSense function Edit.CompleteWord seems not to work anymore.

So, if I have some unfinished code like Math.Rou (which should be Math.Round();) and put the cursor on it and press CTRL+Space, Visual Studio will not complete the word anymore.

Some facts which might prevent some additional comments:

it worked on my machine with VS2012 & VS2013 before I installed VS2015
the feature is now disabled on VS2012 and VS2013 as well
a colleague of mine has excatly the same issues since he installed VS2015
another colleague did not install VS2015 yet and his older VS-versions are still able to do the auto-complete.
the function is disabled for C# and VB.NET (I did not test any other languages)
it is no shortcut problem. Invoking this function from the main menu won't work as well (the shortcut is pretty weird as well but doesn't work either)


asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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