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unable to install pty js in windows using -'python,node.js,windows,git,visual-studio'

unable to install pty js in windows  using -'python,node.js,windows,git,visual-studio'

I want to use tty.js using node.js. I am new to it so it is difficult for me to understand and solve this issue.

What I have

Windows 10
visual studio 2013

I am following this link on git. Commands I have used are

git clone
cd tty.js
npm install

at npm istall it gives me error.

While finding for the solution I came across this link on git. Here I am unable to understand where to put this

#include <algorithm>

if this is to be put in then there is no folder of pty.js inside node_modules because of the interruption due to error.

What am I doing wrong here or what should i do to install it properly?

Thank you.

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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