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google hangouts api unable to fire events using -'javascript,,google-api,hangout,google-hangouts'

google hangouts api unable to fire events  using -'javascript,,google-api,hangout,google-hangouts'

I'm quite in confusion in using Google Hangouts API.
I've gone through the API here and have created the project and followed the steps given in the second step.
I've a requirement where user will initiate a hangout and send the link to some of the people and people can join in it.  

Let's consider the sample app here.
How can I make use of the Gadget XML and Source Code in my MVC application and start a Hangout?

They have given a sample XML file which contains some html code also.

How can I call that XML file in my application and be able to fire some of the events of hangouts like getHangoutUrl()?

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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