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all cordova plugins give undefined error using -'javascript,android,angularjs,cordova'

all cordova plugins give undefined error  using -'javascript,android,angularjs,cordova'

I am working on a cordova android app. I am trying to implement push notifications. I tried so many ways using ngcordova, using normal plugin and some other methods all tries give me pushNotification undefined error. But the plugins are being installed without any error.

Then I followed this tutorial and did exactly the same, but it gives

device is not defined

error in the console. I used ripple emulator to test this. I installed it in the phone too, But the same error. I am using angularjs inside. and using cordova version 5.2.0. can anyone point me in a direction, I am really trying hard for the past 4 days but no luck. Please help me.


I have correct setup of angular and cordova I believe, because I already built an version of my app with the same setup and pc, and released it in play store. This problems arise only if I add some plugins like push, device, etc. In app browser and splash screen plugins are working fine though.

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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