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parallel foreach returns less results on azure webjobs using -'azure,parallel-processing,azure-webjobs,parallel.foreach'

parallel foreach returns less results on azure webjobs  using -'azure,parallel-processing,azure-webjobs,parallel.foreach'

Running the following code on my local machine

Console.WriteLine("Loaded: " + records.Count);

        Parallel.ForEach(records, record =>
                var client = new HttpClient();
                var response = client.SendAsync(new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Head, Http + record.DomainName)).Result;
                if (!response.IsSuccessStatusCode || !response.RequestMessage.RequestUri.Host.EndsWith(""))
                var finalDomain = response.RequestMessage.RequestUri.Host.Replace(Www, null);
                if (_resultsList.Add(finalDomain))
                    Console.WriteLine("Added: " + finalDomain);
            catch (Exception)
                // ignored

Console.WriteLine("Added: " + _resultsList.Count);

Writes the following to console

Loaded: 3556
Added: 1550

But when I upload it, and run it as an Azure Webjob I get a lot less domains returning.

Loaded: 3556
Added: 308

Replacing Parallel.ForEach() with a regular foreach returns the same number of domains on both, but it takes a lot longer. Why is Parallel.ForEach() not returning the same number of results on Azure Webjobs, as on my own machine?

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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