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weblogic jndi node not deleting post removal of web application using -'java-ee,apache-camel,weblogic,jndi'

weblogic jndi node not deleting post removal of web application  using -'java-ee,apache-camel,weblogic,jndi'

I have an camel application deployed in weblogic server. The camel engine is started from servlet and the processors bind to the camel registry using below piece of code.
registry = context.getRegistry(); //here registry is instance of Registry.
JndiRegistry jndiRegistry = (JndiRegistry) registry.getRegistry();
jndiRegistry.bind("referenceJNDINodeName", new UserReferenceObject()); //UseReferenceObject is simple POJO class with a method having required implamentation.

When application is deployed in weblogic, you can view the JNDI node with name "referenceJNDINodeName" in Weblogic JNDI tree.

When you remove the application from the application, i think, ideally it should remove the corresponding JNDI node aswell from JNDI tree.
But, the JNDI node "referenceJNDINodeName" still appears in JNDI tree post web application removal aswell.

Due to this, when you try to redeploy the application, getting JNDI name conflict and application is not deploying.

How to remove the JNDI node name on undeploying the application from weblogic server.

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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