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eclipse external tools variables using -'eclipse,eclipse-cdt'

eclipse external tools variables  using -'eclipse,eclipse-cdt'

I have a project named at_extended in my eclipse:


that includes this file

C:\Users\joanet\git\TD_RF_Module_SDK\examples\core\at_extended\TD1204 Release\at_extended.bin

and these arguments to execute an external tool

-f "${git_work_tree:${project_name}}/bin/${project_name}/${config_name:${project_name}}/${project_name}.bin" –r

But when I execute the Tools, selecting the project, I got this error:

Could not open file: C:\Users\joanet\git\TD_RF_Module_SDK/bin/at_extended/TD1204 Release/at_extended.bin.


asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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