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upload xls or xlsx files with codeigniter mime type error using -'php,codeigniter,upload,mime-types'

upload xls or xlsx files with codeigniter mime type error  using -'php,codeigniter,upload,mime-types'

Well, i believe this is not a Codeigniter problem per se as it is more of a mime-type.

I'm trying to upload a file, a xls (or xlsx) file and the mime-type the browser and the php report is application/octet-stream instead of application/excel, application/ or application/msexcel for a xls file. Of course codeigniter upload plugin will report an error (invalid file type) as it tries to match the file extension with the mime-type.

The weird(est) thing might be that the same code worked for months and now stopped working with the latest Chrome (16.0.912.77), Firefox (10.0) and IE9.

Has anyone had the same (or similar) problem and care to share the solution?

Thank you very much.
PS: I won't provide code as it's not really a code matter, but if necessary i'll upload some snippets.


It might be relevant: the error doesn't happen with same browsers on a similar configuration, but with MS Office instead of Libre Office (on my pc). It doesn't happen on a GNU/Linux based + Libre Office system either. SO, could it be Windows playin' hard on the open source suite, or the Libre Office changing the mime-types just for the heck of it?

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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